Axis 360 Vision PREDHD – 30 – B – W – IR100WL

CathexisVision Camera Integration


Number Of Streams : 2
Format : H264/JPEG 
Transport :  RTP/UDP and RTP/TCP
Audio : N/A
Resolution : 2.0MP (1920×1080), 1.2MP (1280×960), 0.9MP (1280×720) and D1 (720×576)
Format :  N/A
Resolution :  N/A
Audio :  N/A
Camera Events    
Zones : N/A
Trigger Message : N/A
Inputs :  N/A
Outputs : N/A
Serial Port : N/A
PTZ Control :  Yes, wiper and LED lights (See Limitations)
Cathexis Software : CatVision 2016.SP3 and later
Camera Firmware : PREDATOR_HD_1_16_03
Limitations :

The wiper and LED can be controlled via presets, however the presets need to be re-mapped under Settings > Advanced features in order to work with CathexisVision.

In Advanced features, select preset and name it CAT(NUM). For example, naming it CAT1 corresponds to Preset 1 in CathexisVision.

Under Type select “RE-MAP” and then under Function select a function. The functions are from 64 down to 360.