Manufacturer ImageManufacturerProduct ImageProductDescriptionCat Version
CaddxNX8EResidential and commercial security and alarm system. Up to 240 users and 192 zones in 8 partitions.2015 SP1 ++
DCSDSC Neo ITV2The DSC alarm panel monitors alarms and sends them to the  CathexisVision software. Expandable up to 128 zones in 8 partitions.2018 SP3++
DCSDSC IT 100Residential and commercial security and alarm system with IT100 Serial interface. Expandable 64 zones in 8 partitions and 95 user codes.2014 ++
FSKFSK Multi Decoder 1The FSK Multi Decoder is a radio and/or GSM based decoder for all FSK radio and GSM networks.2014 ++
Galaxy ControlGalaxy Hybrid intruder control panel with integrated door control functionality. It is designed for mid to large commercial installations.2014 ++
ParadoxParadox EVO192Residential and commercial security and alarm system. Modular for easy of expansion. Up to 999 user codes, 192 zones in 8 partitions.2014 ++
ParadoxParadox-2Residential and commercial security and alarm system. Supported panels :SP4000, SP5500, SP6000, SP7000, SP65, MG5000, MG50502018 SP2++
Risco GroupRisco Alarm PanelThe Risco Alarm Panel, LightSYS™ main board technologies include plug-in GSM/GPRS and IP modules, remotely upgradeable firmware, and selectable zone resistance.2016 SP2++
TexecomTexecom Premier 832A commercial grade, expandable, control panel2016 SP2++
TexecomTexecom Premier 412A commercial grade, expandable, control panel2016 SP3++
TexecomTexecom Elite 168 A commercial grade, expandable ,communicating control panel featuring integration compatibility with leading access control, CCTV,home automation and managed alarm-signaling providers. Each Premier Elite control panel shares the same programming platform and periperal devices, ensuring instant product familiarity accross the range.2016 SP2++
TecnoalarmTenoalarmThe communication between Cathexis Vision and the various Tecnoalarm alarm panels takes place over TCP connection with AES128 encryption.

CathexisVision software is designed with backward compatibly as a primary goal, however due to the possibility of 3rd party products being subject to a firmware upgrade without our knowledge, a compatibility issue may arise, although extremely unlikely. If this is the case please contact our support department.