Manufacturer ImageManufacturerProduct ImageProductDescriptionCat Version
Future FibreFFT CAMSFFT CAMS displays, monitors, and controls alarm signals from individual or multiple FFT Sensing Controller units.2014 ++
Gallagher combines both access control and fence management solutions.2015++
ModuteqModuteq CxxPerimeter Intrusion Detection Systems2014 SP2 ++
Nemtek Druid 25 and Druid 28 LCD EnergizerThe Druid 25 and the Druid 28 LCD energizers (5 and 8 joule output) offers two independently controlled zones in one energizer. By using 2 energizers a four zone system can be created. An optional expansion relay card offers the ability for more outputs and inputs.2016 SP4 , 2017 SP2 , 2018 SP2 ++
SenstarSenstarThe Senstar is a fence management system with the ability to connect to multiple sensors that can be installed on a fence/perimeter for asset protection.2015 SP3 ++
Southwest Microwave integration uses the Intrepid Polling Protocol II which supports communication with MicroPoint II, Relay Output Module II-16, Relay Output Module II-8, Alarm Input Module II, MicroTrack II and Model 330.2016 SP3 ++
Stinger BS120This device has two objects, Field box and Zones. Each field box has multiple zones on it. Zones can enter an alarm state, but can't be controlled, by CathexisVision.2016 SP1++
Optex Rewall laser detector is an out door detector that covers large areas. The device communicates with the CathexisVision software through ethernet connection.2017 SP2 ++
OptaSenseOptaSense A perimeter monitoring device. The OptaSense software communicates with the CathexisVision software through ethernet.2017.2 ++

CathexisVision software is designed with backward compatibly as a primary goal, however due to the possibility of 3rd party products being subject to a firmware upgrade without our knowledge, a compatibility issue may arise, although extremely unlikely. If this is the case please contact our support department.