Manufacturer ImageManufacturerProduct ImageProductDescriptionCat Version
HoneywellMorley ZS5The Morley fire panel is a fire alarm monitoring system. Triggered alarms appear on the CathexisVision software as events.  2018 SP3 ++
TechnoswitchTC4100/Mx4100 EN54The TC4100 comes fitted with an internal loop driver card and 2 on-board sounder circuits and LCD control panel.2014 SP1 ++
TechnoswitchTEC202This unit is housed in a lockable powder coated sheet metal enclosure and includes a mains to 24 V DC power supply with backup battery charger. The facia displays all control buttons and indication LEDs. All zone and sounder circuits are monitored for open and short circuit fault conditions.2014 SP3 ++
ZitonZiton ZP1The ZP1 comes in 2, 4 and 8 zone options, configurable for automatic detector, manual call point or mixed (MCP and detector) modes.2014 ++
ZitonZiton ZP2Addressable Fire Panel with User Interface - 2 Loop small cabinet.2017 SP1++
ZitonZiton ZP3Control panels are available in 1, 2, and 4 loop sizes, accommodating up to 508 sensing addresses. For larger systems, panels can be networked together to form installations capable of controlling over 50,000 devices from 100 control panels. Up to 127 line devices (sensors, callpoints, sounders or interface units) can be connected to each of the control panel loops.2015 SP3 ++

CathexisVision software is designed with backward compatibly as a primary goal, however due to the possibility of 3rd party products being subject to a firmware upgrade without our knowledge, a compatibility issue may arise, although extremely unlikely. If this is the case please contact our support department.